Sunday, April 18, 2010

That's just the way it is

Why won't the pain just go away...

Nothing much happened this week.
Congrats to Afiq and Fatin for being the champs in Thailand Open.. :D
School was pretty interesting this week..
Got selected to lead the green house march.. -.-
Had to skip training for a day..
cause the little tweety bird is worried about my shoulder.. xD
Trained without my guard for a few days..
Wah shit.. My rotation like so screwed..
Anyways, sweefoong fetched me to training on fri..
she was driving like mad sia..
And she's supposed to be a good example for me.. -.-
Oh oh! I just found out
that I have a lil guardian tweety on my left shoe!!
So cute seh..
I think it brings me luck.. :D
Going to watch a movie tomorrow.. I hope..
Mssm is in 6 days!! Wuhoo..

Practice makes perfect. Nothing is perfect so why practice?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The last straw!!

Wahlao.. Played so badly today for PR..
Sighs.. Learned my lesson..
Pay more attention to the outside lines!!
I literally can't feel my shoulder anymore..
My hand is numb cause I soaked it in ice.. :D
Fever is still not gone.. -.-
Tweety is definitely gonna murder me after this..
Got back from S.P around 8
Then, showered and studied chem.. -.-
Had roti canai as supper..
That's all for now.. :D

P/s: I've just noticed that I'm more afraid of Tweety than I am of Ju.. Heh!


MSSPP and Malaca Junior Circuit is done with!!
Bowled okay luh for MSSPP..
Happy with what I got for my last year.. :D
Junior Circuit was okay luh..
Need more practice!!

A LOT!! :D

This month is gonna be a busy month for me..
Lets see.. hmmm..
10th April - Piala Remaja
14th to 20th April - Centralized Training for MSSM
22nd to 27th April - MSSM in Malaca
29th April to 2nd May - KL Junior Circuit
Wahlao.. All back to back..
Die die!! Tweety is gonna kill me..
Well.. Wish me luck.. :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

My oh my!! BLOG la please!!

When was the last time i blogged?? -.-
Don't remember.. Heh..
Nehmind la..
Start blogging again now lo..

This is what i spent my holiday doing:
1. Bowling in Malaysia Open.
2. Lazing around at home for a day.
3. Going to usual roll off at Penang Bowl.
4. Mugging for exams after hols.

Back from Malaysia Open!!
bowled really bad.. :(
The lanes were quite funny there. Not tough. FUNNY!!
really need to improve quick!!
Well, met tai pak there..
bowled 3rd MQ together.. LOL
The reaction on our faces when we saw our names on the screen together.. :O
Saw ZHU also..
Cheer up la.. You're the B'div Master's CHAMPION!!
Also saw the whole SSP team.. Pro-ness.. -.-
Ryan was being his usual stonish-self..
And Mich was taller I think or am I shrinking?
I've learn't one thing : Shaun is quick with his hands. Especially with my cash. :D
Roomed with Nana and Amirah.
Bidara for dinner on the first night.
Dominos on the second.
Bidara for the rest of the trip. :D
Lunch was most of the time at Ayam Penyet!!
Except for a few times where Jane brought me to some chinese restaurant..
Back in Penang on Thursday.
Wahlao! Fever!! -.-
Reached home then wash up then slept till the next morning. :)
Lazed around on Friday. Did nothing but listen to music.
Roll off on Saturday and Sunday.
At night, MUG!! Exams the very next day.. Lol..

Malay, English and Chem..
I screwed chemm!!

Mod Maths, Social Studies, Moral and History
I screwed history.. -.-

Last day of exams!! YAY!!
Physics, Add Maths and Biology..
Triple kill!! x.x

WUHOO!! Exams are finally over!!
Piala Remaja this Saturday!!
Age group next week!
Followed with Malacca Junior Circuit!!
Can't wait for next week. :D
I shall stop here cause I'm running out of ideas.. :)

Oh yeah! Just remembered.


Saturday, February 6, 2010



missed me?? haha..

Friday, February 5, 2010

For my bro Darius!! (Reviving my Blog!!)

I really don't know what to write lo..
I'm reviving my blog..
Thanks to darius who reminded me of my blog somehow..
Ok fine... December was fun...
Filled with tournaments..


I saw kim there... (she grew taller) -.-
Then met Michi..
Didn't qualify lo..
But it was fun..
Too bad i injured myself there...


I was the lane marshall/bowler...
At the alley most of the time..
or hanging out at vistana..
I got a brother there.. (suddenly..)
see i so nice.. put your name in pink.. :D
I also got to know the SBF team there..
They're really friendly and nice..
Coach Ronnie was a scary at first.. but he's ok la..
Below are the people whose lane I always get assigned to:
Lets see.. Hui Wen, Joy, Joan, Grace, Chiew Pang, Ryan,
Jaclyn, Jevarn, Calista, Oriana, Celine, ILMA, Mich, Brandon,
Yan Ling, Stacy, Tracy and of course my brother, DARIUS CHEOK.
It was fun knowing them..
Sharon was so bad to me lo..
Suddenly hit me on the back for her doggies..
I get tiang nia.. -.- (lane marshal is no easy job)
Jane even better..
Everytime want to throw me into the pool.. D:


hmmm... School started.. Training was as usual..
Interstate was a very good experience for me..
Nationals was horrible..
Malacca camp was fun..
The lanes there was quite confusing though..
Well.. Thats all for now..
Will blog more frequently I hope..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wednesday... 7-10-2009

Place = SMK Bukit Gambir
Time = School Hours

Went to school as usual but this time I brought my phone. First period was biology!! This is what happened...

Hui Lee n Fatin


Dunno what was I trying to do.. haha..

Study?? Hui Lee maybe but not Huzaifah....

Hui Lee is thinking "oh Huzaifah.. Where are you looking at??"
Fatin is thinking about her 'I'
Huzaifah is thinking about his future wife?? haha..

It's amazing that we finished all our notes and still have time to take this pictures. Haha.. Anyways, that's all for now. Ciao..